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Every month, the medieval combat club BOHURT ZONA ZUR – a member of the national MEDIEVAL COMBAT league, whose training headquarters is at the Almodovar´s Castle.

This sport was not introduced in Spain until relatively recently, and participants must adhere to a strict set of criteria in order to practice it: they must be physically in shape, highly competitive, and strive to preserve historical accuracy which must be endorsed by the Committee of the International Federation of Medieval Combat (IMCF). Therefore, their helmets, suits of armour, weapons and even the decorative beads they carry must all be historically authentic.

The suits of armour are exact replicas of those worn in the 15th and 16th centuries in terms of their weight, external decoration and size, just like the weapons used by participants in an effort to defeat their opponents, whose historical accuracy is completely assured and which has unwarranted appeal for those who enjoy contact sports as well as seeing history recreated before their eyes as a consequence of this spectacle.

Come and experience a new adventure in Castillo de Almodovar, lose yourself in the heat of battle, be transported back in time and as a spectator within this historic setting see history authentically preserved and re-enacted as you learn how battles were fought between our ancestors and their enemies in centuries gone by. Recreations of medieval history last for more than two hours – be warned, these pugnacious warriors will make you fear for your life!.

24 - 25 October (Cancelled)

Starts at 11:00h and ended at 14:30h

9 - 10 November (Cancelled)

Starts at 11:00h and ended at 14:30h

14 - 15 December (Cancelled)

Starts at 11:00h and ended at 14:30h

General admission


* A great spectacle suitable for all audiences.

Combate Medieval Medieval Combat Training
Castillo de Almodovar

El castillo permanecerá cerrado el día 27 de Mayo de 2022

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