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Our castle has been the scene of numerous films, filming, such as:



“Camelot” with Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero


Stage for the documentary “Boabdil el Chico, the last Moorish King.


”Harem” With Ava Gardner, Nancy Traver, Omar Sharif and Silvia Marsó.


Location of the dutch serie “Pipp the clouwn”.


Location of a private documentary for “Froussiva”.


Decoration of the General Electric’spot.


Photograpic report for the haute couture magazine Yvonne (México).

Decoration for a videaclip of the russian Singer “Tiger Cave”.


Photographic report of the magazin “Hola”.


Location for the “Brand España”.

Among our visitors we highlight:

  • The emeritus kings D. Juan Carlos I of Spain and Dña. Sofia of Greece

  • Politicians like:

    • Pilar del Castillo
    • Miguel Arias Cañete
    • Miguel A. Moratinos
    • Francisco Camps
    • Manuel Pimentel
  • Journalists as:

      • Rafael Cremades
      • Pilar Rubio

    • Antonio Burgos
  • Models as:

    • Eva Pedraza
    • Juncal Rivero
  • Singers like:

      • Carlos Baute
      • Luis Fonsi

    • Felipe Conde
    • Lole Montoya
    • María Jiménez.
  • Football players as:

  • Bullfighters like:

    • Curro Romero
    • Manuel Benítez “el Cordobés”
    • Enrique Ponce
    • Rafael Peralta
    • Angel Peralta.
  • Other public figures like:

      • Paloma Cuevas
      • Nani Gaitán
      • Vicente Amigo