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Once upon a time there was a King called Pedro I who lived in a castle in the lands of the Kingdom of Almodovar. One day Pedro I, who was nicknamed ‘The Cruel’ decided to hold an enormous banquet so as to amuse himself between one war and the next.
He ordered that people from all over the world be summoned to the meal and decreed that everyone must eat and enjoy themselves. Those that didn’t eat or join in the festivities would be sent to the castle dungeons.
Thus, Pedro I declared:

“I, your ruler King Pedro I, by the power vested in me by the Crown, do hereby declare the season of the Royal Banquets open. People from all kingdoms may attend, they must give prior notice by midday on the date decreed by the Castillo de Almodovar. When I order it, a member of my court will give you permission to be seated. You will eat and drink the sumptuous delicacies prepared by my cooks, who know my culinary tastes inside out. We will eat according to the rules of medieval dining etiquette, and anyone found to be contradicting them or not in appropriate medieval spirits will be dragged to the dungeons of my castle, where they will be imprisoned forever and ever.”



Starts al 14:00h and ended at 16:00h

Feudal Menu

Adults (all drinks included)

*The price of lunch is not included in entrance tickets to the Castle.

Prince menú


*The price of lunch is not included in entrance tickets to the Castle.

Almuerzo Medieval Medieval Lunches
Castillo de Almodovar

El castillo permanecerá cerrado el día 27 de Mayo de 2022

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